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    Here's what you'll learn:
      • why finding readers should be top-of-mind, even when you're still writing;
      • how the Big 5 New York publishers create buzz for their authors;
      • why getting a book up on Amazon doesn't guarantee success;
      • how graphics, email, and organizational tools can make marketing your book less of a chore;
      • why knowing how and where to find avid readers will give you a leg up when it comes time to launch your book;
      • and much, much more.

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The Big Book of Small Presses and Independent Publishers: Small Presses, book contests, university presses, and independent publishers for unagented authors

Have you tried and failed to find a literary agent? Grown tired of pitch sessions and query letters? The Big Book of Small Presses and Independent Publishers lists over 350 small presses, book contests, university presses, and independent publishers that take “unagented” submissions. This book is for you if you have: finished writing your book; given […]

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