Montpelier Tomorrow: A Novel

Her grandchild’s first steps. Her son-in-law’s final days. The choices she makes will determine her family’s fate.

After her second grandbaby’s birth, Colleen Gallagher puts life on hold to lend a helping hand. But when she arrives at her daughter’s out-of-state home, she’s surprised to discover that it’s not just the newborn who’s in need of constant care. Her son-in-law is battling ALS.

Strengthened with unconditional love, Colleen commits herself to share in the joy of new life and brighten the precious moments of a life fading too fast. As each new challenge tests her resolve, she fights the gathering gloom with her unshakable sense of humor and infectious optimism. When her caregiving duties send her to the brink of exhaustion, Colleen must make an impossible choice: leave them alone in their suffering or risk her own well-being to keep the family from falling apart.

Montpelier Tomorrow is a heartwarming novel that celebrates the resiliency of the human spirit. If you like intricately-crafted characters, unflinching family dramas, and humor in the face of adversity, then you’ll love Marylee MacDonald’s tale of courage.

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