7 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Writing Files

by Marylee MacDonald in Apps & Software, Scoop.it
bear getting organized

Are you like a bear in hibernation? Now that it’s spring maybe it’s time to clean out your writing cave and get organized.

“Picture this: a bear has been hibernating all winter, sleeping a lot, eating everything within reach, and staying close to its den. March comes. The air warms. Flowers bloom. The bear wakes up, shakes itself off, looks around its cave, and realizes what a freaking mess it’s made. There are bones and food scraps stacked in the corners, loose bear fur clustered everywhere, piles of crap, and the whole place reeks.

Twist: this is a metaphor. Writers, you’re the bear. The cave is your computer. And the piles of crap? Well, those are your mangy old writing files scattered hither and yon.”

To read the complete article and get tips on your own spring cleaning, go to litreactor.com

Written by Annie Neugebauer, a columnist for Litreactor, the article on cleaning tips is one I wish I’d written! For years I’ve envied people who can stay organized. I am not an organized person. I am a “periodic cleaner-upper.”

Apart from the writing itself, one of the biggest challenges I face as a writer is simply staying on top of the various drafts of novels, stories, and blog posts. While I’ve never lost anything permanently, I have spent too much time rooting around trying to find old writing exercises and excised scenes.

Now that it’s spring, I feel inspired to clean up my hard drive. The article above provides an A#1 system for doing that.

Why Is Staying Organized So Hard?

In my case it’s not just the fiction files that proliferate. It’s the marketing files and tips on how to effectively use social media. Not that I’m good at online networking. I’m completely insecure, and I keep downloading new stuff.

When Facebook and Twitter change picture sizes, I scramble around and look for new templates. When I see a marketing expert recommend a way to connect with readers, I can’t pass that up!

My “marketing and PR” folder balloons.

The only way I can keep the plates spinning is by staying organized, and this week I’m doing just that.

I hope you enjoy the article and that you feel inspired to tackle your own spring cleaning.

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