Sharing Body Language

How to share Body Language on social media

If you want to share quotes or recommend the book on Twitter or Instagram, please download my Writers’ Hashtags pdf. My book is literary fiction. Not everyone likes literary fiction, so it makes no sense to target readers looking for romances or thrillers. The Writers’ Hashtags’ list, however, contains all those genres and more, so make sure you keep a copy and use it to target readers for your genres.

Here are three ways to help me out. Make Tweets, FB posts, or Instagram posts using the following combos. All of the assets needed to do this are below.

  • Your personal recommendation + a hashtag + a buy link + an image
  • A quote from a reviewer + a hashtag + a buy link + an image
  • A quote from a reviewer + a video + a buy link

Start with your own personal text

I just finished Marylee MacDonald’s new book, BODY LANGUAGE. It’s terrific!

A friend recommended Marylee MacDonald’s new book BODY LANGUAGE, and was it ever good.

The stories in BODY LANGUAGE read like mini-novels.

Wow, just wow! If you’re looking for a great read, try BODY LANGUAGE by Marylee MacDonald.

Add a hashtag

The hashtags that I think would work best with my book are #bibliophile #BookReview #Fiction #Kindle #LitChat #Literature #LitFic #ShortStory #ShortStories #WomensFiction.

Add a visual to your text

To go along with your Tweet, Facebook post, or Instagram post, please scroll down and grab one of the visuals.

Add a buy link that will work on an Amazon bookstore

Here is a link to the book that should instantly send readers to the Amazon bookstore in their part of the world.

Here is the book link for India. I don’t think Booklinker is set up to link to the East Asian markets.

To create a universal booklink for your own book, go to Note that this is a free service.

Share quotes from professional reviewers

“A well-wrought collection that finds moments of transcendence in the personal quests of its characters.”-KIRKUS REVIEWS

“MacDonald reads the room in each story and sees not just the postures and worn shoes of their inhabitants, but also their inner states. Throughout this collection, she builds many such rooms for her readers to survey, populated by people whose body language speaks volumes.”–KIRKUS REVIEWS

“…the stories’ wide-ranging premises and subtle endings yield a sense of wonder.”-KIRKUS REVIEWS

“This strong collection draws the reader in with sympathetic portrayals of aging and human connection.”–BookLife

“This collection will suit fans of contemporary short fiction with a focus on human connection, aging, and mortality.”–BookLife

“Great for fans of Alice Munro’s Too Much Happiness, Miranda July’s No One Belongs Here More Than You.”–BookLife

Share quotes from GOODREADS’ reviewers

“I recently read somewhere that it is natural for self-described “readers” to have trouble reading in times of severe stress and anxiety such as what we are currently facing with COVID-19. The article suggested picking up short stories to help overcome the inability to read full novels. It is for this reason BODY LANGUAGE came to me at the PERFECT time!”–Jill on GOODREADS

“Marylee MacDonald has written 12 beautiful stories that reflect human behavior and thoughts when seeking love, forgiveness, or a reflection in aging.”–Elida on GOODREADS

“Each story deals with a different vulnerability and we see a different, often familiar human emotion play out in a compassionate, empathetic manner, handled brilliantly by the author.”-Judith on GOODREADS

“BODY LANGUAGE” by Marylee MacDonald is a moving collection of stories that has the power to touch your heart.-Nick on GOODREADS

“Short story collections have never really been on my TBR before. In fact, to my memory, this is the first collection that I have read from start to finish. But I am so glad that I took the time to read BODY LANGUAGE.”-Amanda on GOODREADS

“This is not the type of book I would normally consider that I would go for. It’s romantic and passionate. But it’s so engaging and gripped me from the beginning. It’s so rare to find well written short stories with wonderful and memorable characters that you just want to learn more and more about.”-Megan on GOODREADS

“I enjoyed all the stories. The characters in each story come alive. Each story captures a real or possible moment in someone’s life. The next steps may be suggested, but are not yet written in stone – possibilities abound.”-Karen on GOODREADS

“I felt as though each of the characters in this book were very real, “normal” human beings just like you and me. I learned that we as humans take a lot for granted in life. This book portrays that very well. It makes you take a step back and look at your life. What can I do different? What can I change? How can I better myself?” -Sam on GOODREADS

“Within these stories is something for everyone, no matter where you live or where you come from. Social class has nothing to do with human emotion and the need to be loved and belong. Body Language will make you take a long hard look at your own life. It will make you see your family and friends in a different light.”-Ashley on GOODREADS

You might also like to share quotes from the stories themselves. I made some pretty cool visuals to go along with these, and when you click on the link, the visual will load automatically. If you’d like, you can share the Landing Page for my book on Facebook, Twitter, or Google +. You could also grab one of the visuals below. The link will automatically find the picture and prepare your post. Thanks in advance!

Download these images to your desktop and add them to you post.


Here’s the YouTube book trailer to add to a Tweet or FB post

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