What Stories Should You Write?

by Marylee MacDonald in For Beginning Writers

Most writers begin writing because they know they have one story to tell. Their goal is to “write a book.” But, most of us have more than one book we could write, and we have a wealth of material to draw on.   We also have different themes that occur in our lives. Possibly, we […]

Free Yourself from Writing Autobiographically

by Marylee MacDonald in For Beginning Writers

If you can free yourself from writing autobiographically, the whole world opens before you. But how can you do this? So often the stories that spring naturally to mind arise from personal experience. This is only natural. Our deepest emotional impressions occur in childhood. Childhood provides a rich source of emotionally-laden story material. Often, however, […]

Ten Questions for Cornelia Fick

by Marylee MacDonald in Ten Questions

In this column I’m asking subscribers to share their knowledge about writing, publishing, and marketing their books. I’m calling it “Ten Questions.” Thank you, Cornelia Fick, for sharing your journey from wanting to be a writer to becoming the author of a published book. You have definitely achieved the dream that motivates all of us!–Marylee […]