Body Language

by Marylee MacDonald in

Short stories are mini-novels. They’re designed to be read in one sitting, but to leave you contemplating what happened before and what might happen next.

The Rug Bazaar

by Marylee MacDonald in

Two American women. Two Turkish men. A love duet. Ready to shop for a rug? Travel to Istanbul where rugs are sold and hearts are broken. Eat kebobs. Listen to the call to prayer. Gaze out over the lights of the Bosphorus. Most of all, discover how the baggage of the past affects everyones’ dreams […]

Bonds of Love & Blood

by Marylee MacDonald in

Have you ever thought that it’s easier to “click” with strangers than with the family members you see every day? The people in BONDS OF LOVE AND BLOOD have surprising encounters that change their lives. Pack your bags and get ready for a trip!